office cleaning services

Executive Office Cleaning Services is an established family-owned and-operated commercial office cleaning business in Brooklyn, NY and NYC Metro region which holds the industry’s highest standards of professional cleanliness for each cleaning job to carry out. They are experts in providing superior service to both private and commercial establishments. You can call on their expert office cleaners anytime and they will show their professional approach towards all office cleaning projects. The company offers several commercial office cleaning services to meet the demands of every organization. Among these, they have a number of Industrial Cleaning Services, Commercial Cleaning Service, and window cleaning services.


Corporate Closet Cleaning is one of the renowned office cleaning services offered by Executive Office Cleaning Services. They offer an extensive range of closet and garment cleaning services. Closets, desks, and other high-traffic areas in the office can be given special attention during the janitorial process. The professional team of cleaners will ensure that your area is free of dirt and dust along with visible stains. The process will be completed to your satisfaction, to ensure the cleanliness and appearance of your workplace.


When it comes to office building cleaning services, Janitorial Services provides cleaning needs to a number of commercial establishments. It also offers residential cleaning needs for those people who own residential buildings. The company offers its reliable industrial cleaning solutions and industrial floor and carpet cleaning solutions. To meet the building maintenance needs, the company offers a comprehensive variety of services including ceiling, wall, and floor coatings, window cleaning, tile cleaning, seal coating, floor cleaning, carpet refinishing and restoration, and much more. Other office building cleaning services offered by them include office refurbishment, wall replacements, partitions refinishing, and more. This company’s committed staff can provide effective and efficient janitorial services to meet your building maintenance needs.