kindy hervey bay

In the book “The Catfish of Dubarry Bay: A True Story of Theft and Adventure”, authored by Ken Brinkley, Dot Combs and Terrie Williams, they detail about the trawling of the waters of Kindy Hervey Bay in Texas. These catfish are known for their voracity for smaller freshwater fish. This makes them one of the most popular targets for most experienced sport fishermen from around the world. It is said that these kindleys of bass are known to reside in smaller bodies of water such as creeks, rivers, and even canals.


One of the most effective ways to catch them is through fly fishing. You might not be familiar with this technique however, if you want to make certain that you catch the right kind of catfish then it will be essential that you acquire the knowledge of this method. Fly fishing requires that you use artificial bait to lure the catfish to bite into it. Most anglers make use of leader and heavy lines to be able to successfully tie knots that are used to cast the bait into a specific spot. If you want to learn how to successfully cast your line, you should consult a seasoned fly fisher or any other expert who has been fishing for over 10 years.


Aside from knowing how to effectively tie knots, you will also need to know where to fish during certain seasons of the year. During cooler seasons, the waters in Kindy Hervey Bay tend to be a bit colder and therefore the catfish are not as active. During warmer seasons, however, the waters are warmer and this is what attracts the fish to the place. During wintertime, the water temperature can drop a bit but this is short lived as the catfish come back as the water begins to warm up. Knowing when to fish which season and which type of catfish to target are crucial in order to get the kind of catch you are aiming for.