Adrian Tan is a Hong Kong based fashion designer, social media influencer and entrepreneur. Tan launched his first career in the fashion industry at the young age of eighteen, by launching a line of swimwear under the label, Adrian Tan Swimwear in 2003. However, the brand was later renamed to Adrian Van Buren later on in 2009. Tan has also launched various lines of men’s clothing under the same brand as well. He was born in Hong Kong but grew up in Sydney, Australia. He attended art college in Australia and got degrees in graphic design, print media and communications.

Adrian Tan

Tan believes that a good thing is better than nothing. He was an avid fan of the British TV series, The Office. Tan used to be a writer in the advertising department at Channel 9 and worked as an actor and a reporter on The Office. He also worked as an assistant producer for the popular comedy show Saturday Night Live, where he made several appearances alongside his fellow actor Jim Carrey. His other television appearances include appearances on sitcoms like The Young Ones and House Rules and The Big Bang Theory. The Big Bang Theory was one of his favorite sitcoms.

Tan has also appeared on numerous magazines including The Face. In the same way, he has also written articles for magazines like Seventeen and InStyle. He has also been featured in the local and international media for his social media campaigns. His most recent campaign was a campaign with Hong Kong celebrities and local brands, titled “I Love You”, which was launched in January this year. The campaign aimed at promoting friendship and camaraderie between the local and international community. He has also been a guest speaker at several events as well as a speaker in several universities. These events include a presentation on social media, at a university in London and a talk at a conference in Singapore.