Although it may seem cruel, poodle tail docking is a common practice in the Poodle breed. It is unnecessary and barbarous mutilation which should be opposed at all costs. Many breeds like Poodles, Squireles, and Schnauzers get their tails cut off from other breeders. The process, which is meant to avoid trauma or illness, involves clipping a portion of the poodle s tail with a chain made out of rope or chain tape to stop trauma or illness.

Get Rid Of Poodle Tail Docking Once And For All

Not only is poodle tail docking associated with physical violence, but it can also be an indicator of poor breeding standards. If the breeder cannot produce healthy offspring, they are not going to show the dogs for sale. Unfortunately, many breeders are not concerned with the quality of the dogs and only focus on how much money they can make by docking and clipping. Even when dogs are put to use in competition events, the undesirable docking and clipping is often seen as an advantage. If Poodle owners could see how this unkind practice is detrimental to the health and well being of the breed, they would never subject their dogs to it.

Even though there are Poodle owners who tolerate poodle tail docking, most would never allow it to go on with their pet. If you are planning on getting a Poodle, make sure you research the breed and learn all you can about proper poodle tail docking. If you have made the decision that you want to have a Poodle, make sure you take the right time to train him so he is well behaved around you. Never let your Poodle tail docking go unchecked because it will just be a big mess and regretting it later on. You are the one who knows him best and should lead him to the right path.