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Hi folks! My name is Gary and I love all things hardware related. I have a wife and a daughter who I adore but my first love was always tinkering with bits of hardware, household appliances –just generally taking things apart to see how they worked and then putting them back together again, hopefully in full working order! Ask my wife how many times she lost the iron, the toaster or her hairdryer – although she didn’t complain too much about the iron I can tell you. How things work and gadgets and devices in general really interest me. If you can plug it in then I’m interested, now no rude jokes ok!

I spent the first part of my working life in a bank to support my family and then when my daughter left home and I had some ill health I decided to wind down a bit so I quit my work at the bank and worked in a local computer store part time which is where I spent the last six years before retiring fully.

To keep up with my hobby I decided to start up this website so I had somewhere I could “talk” instead of boring my wife half to death with my ramblings! It also stops me pulling things to pieces in theory. She has put up with quite a lot over the years!

So, if any of you read this! I hope you enjoy it and if you share the same interest as me then it would be great to hear from you.

This is the kind of thing I do!

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