LCD Screens, Juicers and um, Honeycomb!

So to kick off this time I am going to show you some fresh honeycomb, right here…


Some bees (obviously) made this in our garden and I find it fascinating. I can hardly take it apart but it’s pretty amazing nonetheless. Amazing nature at work.

Well as I couldn’t dismantle the honeycomb I was looking around for something else to dismantle. My wife was using her beloved juice machine, as she often does – it’s a noisy thing and I had a certain twinkle in my eye as I pondered upon it. ¬†Alas, she knew what I was thinking and shooed me away . The juicer lives to see another day, not that I would have broken it, I’m fairly sure of that. Pretty much anyway. Tell you what – it would bring peace back to the house if it did “stop working” but I fear my ears might have suffered in another way, dear.

So as luck (or not) would have it, my daughter decided to knock her laptop off the table onto the floor which resulted in a cracked LCD screen. When tempers had calmed and nerves no longer frayed I decided I would get on and replace it for her. I had to order a new one which arrived in about three days – which I am told felt like three years to my daughter – dare I tell her it actually arrived in two days but I kept it in my cupboard for an extra day? Wicked?? Me???

I have to say the amount of things you have to remove to get to the inner workings of a LCD screen is pretty stupendous. Just to replace the LCD? This is what it looked like.


That was the first pass – removing the battery, the keyboard, the hard drive and the back bezel. Notice the amount of tiny screws.



This was the second pass. LCD screen can be seen top right, the outer bezel of the screen is bottom center and the back is bottom right.

The whole process took me about fifteen minutes from start to finish, not too bad, but made fiddly by those darn tiny screws. I have to say I enjoyed it really but we won’t tell daughter that either. Her three years of hell were enough to make sure she NEVER drops her laptop again, and if she does she will be paying for the new screen next time as well.

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